The third period of the school year is often a rush. It is short, so tests, exams and oral presentations are all concentrated in just a few weeks which means we just close ourselves in a square shaped room to study. Despite that, the sun starts shinning and we start to remember how much we miss the beach, the swimming pool and all the things that come with the summer.

However, for the twelfth grades it doesn’t mean that. It means that we are finishing our journey at High School. With this there is a huge amount of decisions that have to be taken. Do we want to keep studying and go to university, do we want to do a gap year or do we want to stop studying? If we want to go to university which degree are we taking? Which city do we want to go to? Does it have to be close to home or away from it? One of the most dreadful deadlines is approaching faster than expected. 

Going to university is something most people dream of and it is finally happening after all the work we have been trough to get in what they want. But for some it doesn’t happen as well as they expect and they have to try as hard as they can and get the highest grade possible in the exams so they can get in. But a new era is about to begin.

Despite this, going to university is an exciting experience that will lead to new and life changing experiences that will mark and help them grow into better and different people.  However, we will always miss High School and remember it  as a great time of life.
Maria Figueiró, 12º CT3


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